About Me

Jenny Morris - AKA The Giggling Gourmet * - is one of SA's most-loved food personalities she is an author, magazine writer, radio and TV presenter, celebrity chef, teacher, caterer and culinary tour guide who has had an ongoing love affair with food since she was a child, when she started making mouth watering treats for school fundraisers. It's a love affair in the true sense of the word, one that employs all the senses.

Taste is the most obvious, as is aroma. For Jenny touch is also important. "Feeling your food is important," she says. "Caress it, stroke it, know it intimately." How you eat your food will reveal what kind of lover you are. "You don't want someone who eats a sosatie (kebab) with a knife and fork," says Jenny with the naughty spontaneous laugh that has earned her the moniker of Giggling Gourmet. " And if I can get presidents and heads of state to eat with their hands, I can do it for anyone!" Among her kitchen essentials Jenny lists garlic, butter, olive oil, trusty zester, and dhania (cilantro).

"I simply cannot do without it. There is nothing better." Since those early days, Jenny went on to cater for functions at high school, and later cooked for friends and family. Jenny is the well known creator of Giggling Gourmet a catering company of note, The CooksPlayground™ where Jenny teaches practical hands-on cooking courses at her cooking school, these include the now famous CooksParties™, TeamCooking™ and SingleCooks™ alternatives all of which have fun and laughter as a main ingredient.

Jenny's formula for success is to "entertain informatively and inform entertainingly," something she does with flair. Not only has she conquered radio but Jenny has made several television appearances both locally and internationally.

Jenny is also regularly much in demand for events such as Food Festivals and Expos, making regular appearances around and outside the country, and is often commissioned by leading brands for both recipe and menu development as well as promoting, demonstrating food and related products, she is an examiner for The Culinary Academy, a judge for various food competitions, and is in regular demand as the first choice SA Celebrity Chef to make appearances at various functions and product launches. Jenny also has a networking relationship with a number well known of international celebrity chefs.

Although she has cooked for dozens of celebrities and royals, (amongst others these have included Prince Charles, Thabo Mbeki, Kenneth Kaunda, Charlize Theron, Al Gore and many more), Jenny remains down to earth and when she's not wowing the public she can be found in her kitchen stirring a pot of something fragrant and delicious. "Layer those flavours," she advises, "and feel that dish come alive in your hands"

Jenny created Giggling Gourmet in 1997 has, for the past 10 years operated a catering business and for the past 9 years broadcast some 900 radio shows and 26 local TV and many inserts for international TV shows, she continues to host regular radio shows on 567 CapeTalk and can be heard Thursdays @14h00 on 567 and on Sundays 08h30 also on Talk Radio 702 in Johannesburg on Sundays at 08h15 also on the internet around the world at this address www.capetalk.co.za/onair/tunein/player.asp or www.702.co.za/onair/player.asp a direct link where you find her giving tips and advice on creating your first kitchen, having your first dinner party, and how to keep the honeymoon going.

Jenny's first book 'Rude Food. Nude Food. Good Food.' (click to enlarge) The second book 'More Rude Food' (click to enlarge) Jenny wrote a best selling cookbook titled Rude Food, Nude Food, Good Food published May 2004 and during April 2006 launched her second book titled; More Rude Food. A new book (working title "Food Affairs" ) chapters include kidding around, souper-sensory prawnography etc is scheduled for publication in 2008

A range of Jenny Morris / Giggling Gourmet food products and utensils was launched in January 2008

Giggling Gourmet FoodTours™ another one of Jenny’s creations has grown into a successful program of culinary trips, going to places that allow you to experience the food and culture of destinations such as Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China and Morocco with future destinations that will include Australia, Italy, Ireland and South America as well as inbound trips to South Africa

She also writes a regular column for the Next48Hours paper and often contributes to various magazines.

Jenny lives with her family in Cape Town South Africa

* gourmet n : a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink) WordNet® 2.0. Retrieved November 25, 2006, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/gourmet